GSM Database and Emails

verified nigeria gsm database

Grab the Numbers of Target List of Nigerian Numbers (GSM Database) and Emails

You can use our GSM Phone Numbers Database to grow your business/organisation, send out marketing and invitation messages to different classes of people nationwide. Numbers are not generated Numbers since no software can generate location and profile based Numbers but where obtained through a painstaking and reliable process and We are offering it to our clients at the most affordable prices.

Please find below our price list


Database Name Count Price
National GSM Database 2015 83 Million ₦65,000
Bulk SMS Sellers Database 1000 ₦25,000
Database of NYSC Members 20,000 ₦35,000
Database of School Owners 80,000 ₦30,000
Database of Teachers 15,000 ₦20,000
Database of Engineers 15,000 ₦35,000
Database of Government Officials 50 ₦25,000
Database of Car Owners 1 Million ₦35,000
Database of Bankers 15,000 ₦25,000
Database of Pastors in Nigeria 23,000 ₦25,000
Database of CEO’s, Architects 15,000 ₦30,000
Database of Lagos Professionals 2,000 ₦25,000
Database of Abuja Professionals 60,000 ₦40,000
Database of Business Men 3000 ₦15,000
Database of Business Women 3,000 ₦15,000
Database of Youths (14yrs to 40yrs) 5 Million ₦35,000
Database of House of Rep. Members (7th Assembly) 20 ₦35,000
Database of DSTV/Telecoms staff 50,000 ₦35,000
Lagos Island Residents 20,000 ₦20,000
Lagos street by street 4 Million ₦45,000
30 Universities student GSM database ₦35,000
Govs, Commisioners 2015 ₦25,000
Oil and Gas workers ₦35,000


Email Count Price
Top Business and Organizations 100,000 ₦35,000
Professionals 870,000 ₦45,000
Nigerians 1 Million ₦25,000
Lagos 100,000 ₦25,000
Nigerians 1 Million ₦25,000
Top Ecommerce Customers 600,000 ₦25,000
Nigerians 100,000 ₦35,000

To purchase any of the databases above, simply make payments into any of the accounts below

 GTbank GTBank
Lawal Moshood
Lawal Moshood

After payment, send an sms or email with Database NameDatabase TypeAmount Paid,Bank Paid Into and Login Email to 07060503332 or

Example:  National GSM Database 2015, GSM, N65,000, GTB,

Once your payment is confirmed, the purchased database will be sent as an excel attachment to your email address.

For questions and enquiries, please feel free to call our support on 07060503332 or send an email to